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 Once More Unto The Breach, or Still At It

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PostSubject: Once More Unto The Breach, or Still At It   Sun Oct 13, 2013 4:27 pm

Yes, I have been warned/reminded that only a few people still come here (and that a lot of people never
did according to the memberlist records), even fewer are likely to pay attention to things outside the
Birmingham sub-forum and they barely have time for Birmingham anyway.
The urge has been growing again and since, to not put a too fine point to it, trying to drum up a game from
scratch on Wednesdays currently seems to run the danger of resulting in players I want to strangle even
before the game starts or at least whose unknown idiosyncracies may warrant strangling, this is the best
place to start.
After all, the logical worst case scenario here is continued no gaming and no stranglings.

Aaanyway, the currently considered options are:
Night's Black Agents
Dungeons & Dragons could be described as “You play Conan. I play Gandalf. We team up to fight Dracula.”
Night’s Black Agents IS “You play Jason Bourne. I play James Bond. We team up to fight Dracula.” (or if
you prefer: Modesty Blaise, Fujiko Mine and Elizabeth Bathory.)

Kuro. Horror (supposedly J-) in an isolated cyberpunk-ish near future Japan.

Any one of three of the Warhammer 40k games, in the fluffy-bright version where it is not absolutely
certain humanity is doomed, a life is OK even for commoners in a lot of places and more people actually
understand technology:
Dark Heresy is the game of marginally competent agents of the Inquisition investigating reports of heresy,
rebellion, alien infiltration, demon-worshippers and so on.
Rogue Trader is the game of considerably more competent people in charge of a city-sized spaceship and
with a charter to explore, trade, conquer and generally derp around outside the Imperium’s borders.
Only War is the game where you play members of the Imperial Guard. (Sadly, only one commissar pc per
group, as the ability to heal characters by killing their npc friends only works on non-commissars.)

And finally two that I would like to play, but am still grappling with what to do in.
Tenra Bansho Zeo, which is what it looks like when actual Japanese make an over-the-top kitchen sink
anime-influenced game set in a space operatic world based on the Sengoku era.

Golden Sky Stories, the utterly un-Bengt game of shapeshifting animals
(and young witches, ghost children etc.) being helpful, making friends and solving mysteries.
Or just being silly - it is a game where tanuki is one of the core classes after all.
(Linked to the finishedKickstarter page because that's where the best summary/presentation is.)

Attempts at further explanation, clarification and campaign intentions available on request.
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Once More Unto The Breach, or Still At It
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