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 Anyone for Discworld?

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PostSubject: Anyone for Discworld?   Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:29 pm

To make a simple story more complicated: In an attempt to fetter my muse I made
a list of campaign ideas to actually work on. One of those is a sort of Discworld-Old
West mix.
This required acquiring Discworld the role-playing game.
This however, lead to complications – more ideas (like the realization that the
Plymouth gang pre-Embrace would only need mostly minor tweaking for Ankh-
Morpork) and, of course, strengthening my firm belief that since pretty much
everybody has read the books more recently than I have, I really don’t want to GM
something set on the proper Discworld (thus the mix mentioned above) even if I
have ideas.
Last Wednesday also demonstrated that there are people who would be happy to
play, but are even less inclined to GM.
Anybody (GM or player)?

DrivethruRPG is having a sale (well, it’s probably over by the time anybody reads it,
but anyway…) – mostly D20 (and various image files) but at $1 each some of them
may still prove useful or inspiring (having just spent six bucks I hope so) specifically:
The Imperial Age stuff (Steampunk)
Various Burroughsian Mars stuff
And, well, this: Colonial Gothic: Plymouth (Which probably isn’t in any way compatible or
useful but takes place a generation later.)
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Anyone for Discworld?
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